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            暖通區域Heating and ventilation industry
            區域供熱中心Area Heat Supply Center
            底樓加熱Ground Floor Heating
            處理水加熱Processing Water Heating
            游泳池加熱Swimming Pool Heating
            熱泵站Heating Pump Station
            熱回收站Heating Recovery Station
            加熱水預熱Heating Water Warm-up
            地熱站Geothrmal Station
            太陽能站Solar Energy Station
            空調站中央冷卻系統Air Conditioning Station Central Cooling Stystem
            鋼鐵行業steel industry
            鑄模冷卻Mould Cooling
            連鑄機冷卻Confiscates Cooling
            液壓油冷卻Hydraulic oil cooling
            游泳池加熱Swimming Pool Heating
            爐水冷卻Furnace Water Cooling
            乳液冷卻Emulsion cooling
            加熱水預熱Heating Water Warm-up
            氨溶液冷卻Cooling of Hartshrne
            機器冷卻劑冷卻machine cooler cooling
            壓縮機冷卻劑冷卻Compressor coolant cools
            進料水冷卻Feeding Water Cooling
            焦化工廠水冷卻Coking Chemical Factory Water Cooling
            電力能源Electricity energy sources
            循環水冷卻Circulating Water cooling
            傳動油冷卻Drive oil cooling
            活塞和渦輪機Pistons and turbines
            發動機冷卻Engine cooling
            柴油發電機熱烈回收Diesel generators are warmly recycled
            汽輪機冷卻Turbine cooling
            蒸汽機冷卻Steam engine cooling
            壓縮機冷卻Compressor cooling
            生活熱水系統Domestic hot water system
            壓縮機冷卻劑冷卻Compressor coolant cools
            熱電聯產Thermoelectric joint generation
            循環水冷卻Circulating water cooling
            煤油冷卻Kerosene cooling
            鹽溶液冷卻Salt solution cooling
            乙醇冷卻Ethanol cooling
            氯氣干燥Desication Chlorine
            壓縮機冷卻劑冷卻Compressor coolant cools
            熱電聯產Thermoelectric joint generation
            食品工業Food industry
            制糖Sugar Refine Industry
            原果汁加熱Crude Fruit Juice Heating
            果漿水加熱Fruit Pulp Heating
            萃取水加熱Extraction water heating
            碳酸氣果汁加熱Carbonate juice heating
            濃果汁加熱Concentrated juice is heated
            糖漿加熱Syrup heating
            稀果汁加熱Rare juice is heated
            果汁濃縮Juice concentrate
            食品油加工Edible oil processing
            食品油加熱Food oil heating
            食品油冷卻Food oil cooling
            耐寒冷卻Cold cooling
            機械制造工業Machinery manufacturing industry
            機器冷卻Machine cooling
            乳液冷卻Emulsion cooling
            液壓油冷卻Hydraulic oil cooling
            潤滑油冷卻Lubricant cooling
            窯爐水冷卻Kiln water cooling
            蒸壓器水冷卻Autoclave water cooling
            發動機冷卻劑冷卻Engine cooling
            熱量回收Heat recovery
            表面處理Surface treatment
            電解冷卻液Electrolytic coolant
            油漆冷卻Paint cooling
            電鍍液冷卻Electroplated Liquid Cooling
            除油液冷卻Degreasing System
            磷化液加熱Phonspate solution Liquid Cooling
            化學工業Chemical industry
            脂肪酸冷卻Cooling of Fatty acid
            堿酸冷卻Emulsion cooling
            硫酸冷卻Sulfuric acid cooling
            過程冷卻Process  cooling
            制藥工業Pharmaceutical industry
            乳液冷卻Emulsion cooling
            懸浮液加熱Suspension  cooling
            血漿加熱Plasma heating
            檸檬酸加熱Citric acid heating
            輸液冷卻Infusion cooling
            紡織行業Textile industry
            紡織清洗劑熱量回收Textile cleaning agent heat recovery
            水溶液冷卻Solution  cooling
            毛料清洗液加熱Heating of Woolens Scour
            染料廠廢液加熱Dye plant waste heating
            汽車工業Auto industry
            淬火油冷卻Quenching oil cooling
            油漆冷卻Paint cooling
            磷酸鹽處理液冷卻Phosphate treatment solution cooling
            染料廠廢液加熱Dye plant waste heating
            造紙工業Paper industry
            廢水冷卻Waste water cooling
            清洗水冷卻Waste water cooling
            廢水蒸發Waste water evaporation